Think Pink


Breast Cancer-WM

The calendar page has been turned to October, and all month long, we have been wrapped in a pretty world of pink ribbon. There’s been benefits and charity walks, pink balloons and shoe strings, and even players from the NFL have been wearing pink shoes and gloves on game day.

Happily, we celebrate all the women and men who have defeated breast cancer. We call them warriors and survivors and admire their courage and strength to continue on when the cancer, the chemo and the recovery has taken its toll. They are the face of cancer.

Sadly, we remember all the women and men who lost their courageous battle in the fight to rid the cancer from their bodies. Their own strength and bravery just wasn’t enough to defeat such a powerful enemy. Now their children, their husbands, sisters and brothers, friends and families must  go on without them. They are also the face of cancer.

And then it’s October again. While we are making tremendous strides in the fight against breast cancer, for many women, it’s still not enough. So we wear the pink ribbons for them, to remind the world that even though we have come a long way, there is so much farther we need to go to end this terrible disease. Join the fight, and do what you can to arm the warriors in the battle of their lives.

Live your life in color. Live your life in pink.



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