Letters From Home



I made this subtle spring card, with a hint of Easter greetings, for a friend of mine who lives across the country. He is one of the few people I know who really cherishes the wonderful art of letter writing. I have always considered him my “muse” because when I first began creating cards, I always kept him in mind, knowing that most of the cards would end up in his mailbox! That, and he has excellent tastes as well!

Since this card will be send in a standard card envelope by the U.S. Postal Service, both the sunflower and the bunny, from Poppystamps, are glued flat onto a piece of patterned paper. For those of us who love creating dimensional cards with a lot of pop, embellishments, and designs that extend past the frame of the card (like me), a flat card for easy mailing can be a challenge! But it’s worth the effort when you can send a bit of cheer to a friend, your grandmother, or even a soldier far away. See how many ways you can add a beautiful creation to a hand-written letter!

Live your life in color!


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