Bead Melting Mania!

Have you heard about this new craze yet, where you can actually melt Perler and Pony beads in the oven and make your own “enamel” dots? Thanks to my expert crafting friend Jeanne, who gave me a few tips, I decided to try it myself.



There are TONS of videos on the internet that show you in great detail how to do this yourself at home, so I would recommend watching a few of them. The process itself is easy. All you have to do is line up your squishy plastic beads on a piece of parchment paper on a glass baking dish. Put them into a hot oven at 425 degrees for 20 minutes. Pull them out, let them cool for about 4 minutes then literally push them off the paper with your hand into a container. Depending on how long you let them cool determines how easy it is to slide them off the parchment. I found what works best for me.



I went down to Michael’s and bought a big plastic container of Perler beads, the ones separated by colors into a plastic tray, about 8,000 beads total. I also bought a small bag of 500 Pony beads in mixed pastel colors. It took me about a week, (around 40 hours, seriously), but I melted ALL of them! I melted every single bead, expect for the one my Cat, Omar tried to eat, and the ones that made their escape under the couch or into the clear canister of my Dyson. Now I have that same clear compartment tray full of enamel dots . . . for less than ten bucks!



Live your life in color!


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