Pink Christmas Wishes


October is drawing to a close, but before we usher it out in a sea of Halloween ghosts and goblins, let’s all remember another great reason to think pink thoughts in October – – Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

I was inspired for a pink and brown Christmas card by Jean Okimoto, who is a member of the Memory Box Design Team. She posted a beautiful pink and brown Christmas card for Breast Cancer Awareness Month, with a great idea. Jean suggested we make a pink card in October, and give it to someone battling breast cancer in December. I think that’s a great idea, Jean!

So I’d like to dedicate my card to a number of women I have known who have fallen victim to breast cancer, but sadly will not be here to celebrate Christmas this year. With all the celebration of the many survivors who have emerged victorious in their battle with breast cancer, it’s easy to forget there are so many more who have not. These truly brave women were the pioneers of medical treatments that were new and experimental many years ago, but are standard procedures today. Thanks to them, more and more women are surviving every day. But their fight is not over yet. We stand strong with you all, and cherish each and every holiday we have together.

Many your Christmas this year be a merry one.

Live your life in color.



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