Thank You, Veterans!



Happy Veteran’s Day, America, and THANK YOU to all military families serving all over the world! Last night, I made a list of all the people I know who have served their country, and the list was very, very long–far too long to list everybody here! I have friends and family members, men and women, who have served in every branch of the military, including the Coast Guard, the National Guard, ROTC, even the Merchant Marines! My cousin Frank served in the Navy for 25 years! My father served in the Navy on the oil tanker USS Elokomin, and went to Cuba alongside the battleships in October 1962. My father-in-law is a decorated Vietnam Veteran, and is active today in supporting military Veteran’s groups. My grandfather was a Merchant Marine off the coast of India in WWII, and would tell me extraordinary tales of exotic adventures when I was a child! My great-grandfather Joseph, had a brother named Nick who served with the Second Division 17th Field Artillery of the American Expeditionary Forces in WWI. I still have the original yellowed hand-written letters he wrote to his mother from the Ehrenbreitstein Fortress in Germany on May 19, 1919! What a wonderful piece of family history to have!

Although I, personally did NOT serve in the military, I did spend a year serving my country in the Corps – – AmeriCorps!, then a year with VISTA, and met so many people dedicated to making the world a better place. Others do their part in other ways, through their civilian jobs here at home, by volunteering their time with veteran’s support groups, and of course, making beautiful cards and care packages for active duty soldiers and Wounded Warriors. While Veterans are proud of their country, we all are proud of them for their service and their sacrifice.


Say THANK YOU to a veteran today. Say THANK YOU to our friends and family who have served, are serving now, and the ones who will not return home. We honor and remember their sacrifice and courage today as well. Hug your hero.


Live your life in color!



2 thoughts on “Thank You, Veterans!

  1. Yvonne says:

    What a wonderful recounting of your family’s participation in the wars. It’s nice to have the memorabilia.
    And your card is great 🙂


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