Christmas Card Bonanza!


I have been as busy as a Christmas honey bee, and as crazy as a Christmas honey badger this holiday card making season! Since my husband and I visited family way up in north in Central Wisconsin over an extended Thanksgiving weekend, I had a lot to complete before we left, and then a lot of projects that kicked off December 1, when we were still away! Christmas cards, December birthdays, holiday tags, baked goods and treat tags, decorations, learning new techniques, blogging, blog blitzes, blog hops, challenges and contests, and of course, coming up with extra-special projects for my design teams keeps me busy in a fun way I am grateful for every day!

Right before we hit the road, I finished my last card, number 30!!!!! for a very special project where volunteers create and collect cards to be sent to residents of nursing homes for the holidays. All the cards had to be boxed and sent out before November 28, so every day in November, I made one or two quick, simple cards in bright holiday colors to add to the pile. Most of the cards were made with my growing pile of cuts that I end up tossing in a little box. We all have them, an extra snowflake here, a little ornament there. Put them all together and after a month you’ve got 30 new cards! I made them all in traditional colors, with a smooth flat design, as they will eventually be sent all across the country to a number of different residents. It’s my way of volunteering over the holidays without an extra car!

This was a great project to be a part of, but next year, I think I will start in August . . . or maybe in July! Have a wonderful, wacky December!

Live your life in color!



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