Crafting With Cats


Today’s blog is brought to you by the letter M and the kitties Fuzzy, Omar, Felix and Max!

I am often asked, “What’s it like working from home and crafting with cats!? ” Well, it’s like trying to do ANYTHING when you have four furry felines up in your business as you go about your day, and crafting is no different.


Most of the time, they just curl up and try to snooze, especially in the afternoon when the sun streams right in through the window!


Sometimes, they just want to come up and say hello, and let you get that perfect kitty portrait!


They ALL love it when I set up for the photo shoots. All four of them like to stretch out on the backdrop like models.


Even when the backdrop is rolled up, they still will take the opportunity to stretch out on whatever is underneath them at the time.


Felix would rather stretch out on my arm when I’m trying to blog hop. I’m getting good at typing with just my left hand!


Some days, I deal with all four, one at a time, all day long like a parade. Most often, however, they’ll trot in one kitty at a time, then try to be helpful. Or they steal my chair or nap on my keyboard.


They always want to surprise me too! I had the balloon card all set up and was ready to shoot when Fuzzy just jumped up and plopped himself down for a snooze.


Moments later, Max did the very same thing, knocking the card off the easel then trying to rub his head on the camera. Those black lines are his whiskers! Would you believe I have shot dozens of photos of cards askew on the easel, with a black blurry paw, face, or tail somewhere in the frame?


As much as I LOVE my kitties, they CAN be destructive though. Everything, from tools to paper to finished cards, is carefully stowed away in its place when I’m not supervising the craft room. Max, however, loves rummaging in the large bag I use for all the die cutting scraps. It’s the one thing he’s allowed to play with, but he never stops trying to abscond with something new.


In the end, they all just want to be around me, and I love having them around! I put up with 16 furry paws and they put up with glitter and sequins in their fur!

Thanks for dropping by!
Live your life in color!

Michele Sig NEW


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