Cat’s Eye View


Hello everybody! Welcome to today’s cat’s Eye View, where we share sweet cat crafting tales from my feline sons, Felix, Max, Omar and Fuzzy!

This week, we’d all like to extend some overdue thanks to some special women in the crafty business! One of the things I love about crafting is seeing so many businesses that are owned and managed by women! I love to support women-owned business, and small business too! I have been very fortunate these past few weeks to have won a few challenges and blog candy contests! Today’s group of women have all sponsored fabulous crafty prizes through e certificates or prize packages, and I’d love to say thank you!

Beverly Brown, Uniko Studios:


Shery and David Russ, Stamplorations:


Alison Spelman, The Alley Way Stamps:


Taunya Butler, Daisies Girl:


Thank you to all the women (and men too) for supporting the artist in all of us!


Omar has a good grip on being a good kitty assistant!

Thanks for joining us today!

Live your life in color!



2 thoughts on “Cat’s Eye View

  1. Daisies Girl says:

    Thank you so much for giving me a shout out!! You are very clever and this post is a great way to show appreciation for things you have won!! I will remember this and I think you are so uber cool!! Love your talent and your enthusiasm!!!

    Liked by 1 person

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