Pinterest Inspired Challenge #1


Have you heard about the brand new challenge blog perfect for crafty people? It’s the Pinterest Inspired Challenge! You can get all the details and play along right here:


I just love this pretty color combination: white, grey, blue, yellow, black–one of my favorite! I was inspired by the open, whimsical pattern, and tried to capture that whimsical collage on my card. Would you believe my first attempt was just too rigid? I had all these blooms and fronds on it, and yet, it felt tight and constrained. So I scrapped the whole project and challenged myself to try a whole new direction. Sometimes, you have to be guided by the mood of the inspiration photo as much as the design.

Thanks for joining me today!

mood board

Speaking of moods, take at look at my Birthday Bash Mood Board! Get all the details on how you can win a terrific surprise package of some of my favorite crafty items right here:

Live your life in color!



3 thoughts on “Pinterest Inspired Challenge #1

  1. Daisies Girl says:

    WOW – your take on this inspiration is awesomely gorgeous and so light and breath-takingly beautiful!!! Love the white circle in the middle of the card that seems to anchor all your images together!! Just so lovely!! Have a beautiful day!!

    Liked by 1 person

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