Poppystamps Autumn Bears Sneak Peek


Hello friends! Today, I am over on the Poppystamps blog with this colorful Autumn Bears card! You can check it out right here: http://poppystamps.typepad.com/poppystamps/2015/09/autumn-bears.html

Our very talented design team at Poppystamps brings you wonderful inspiration every single day. You can even enter our monthly challenge for your chance to win some amazing Poppystamps blog prizes! The September theme is Autumn Splendor!

I must have had Autumn Splendor colors on my mind when I created Autumn Bears. I remember the day I made this card. Mr. Crimson Owl leaves for work very early, since we live outside the city in horse ranch country. In the morning, I like to walk outside with him when the air is a little cooler, and the sun’s golden rays are streaming over the ridge. We live in a little valley, and just up the road to the West, the land crests up to a big hill. Every morning, the neighbor’s horse stands at the top of the hill, watching from the top of the world. In the still, balmy air, I heard him give a loud snort and as I turned toward him, a beautiful ray of sun shot out over the Eastern ridge, bathing him in golden sunlight. The scrubby hardwoods and jack pines glowed in golds and yellows, filtering through the morning mist. It was a beautiful image, but sadly, I knew it wouldn’t be long before Mr. Crimson Owl would be leaving for work in the dark.

My birthday, at the end of August, always marked the end of Summer and the start of Autumn for me. Speaking of birthdays, I have some Birthday Bash Winners I ‘d like to announce. Would you believe I received another amazing card in the mail yesterday? I realized that with the contest officially ending on August 31st, there may be a few more floating in, so I will wait to select our random winners and post the card photos on the blog until Monday, September 7th. I cannot thank you all enough for the truly amazing birthday cards and wishes I received in the mail, on my blog and on facebook. With postage rates through the roof, and my old school snail mail entry, I didn’t think I would receive any! It was a joy to be mistaken!

Thanks for joining me today!

Live your life in color!


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