Colour Q #313


October is Breast Cancer Awareness month, and I am so thrilled to see the wonderfully caring card making community sponsor challenges and blog hops that bring attention to this important cause. You can play along with Colour Q right here:

This issue is extremely important and personal to me, because I lost my mother to breast cancer over 15 years ago. There are so many things that she has missed in my life since then, and so many things that I miss about her every day. This card was created with my mom in mind.


Before my mom died, she had taken part in a brand new type of treatment at the time. She was thrilled and surprised when it was approved by her insurance company, and was so hopeful about her future. When she had entered home hospice care, I was able to temporarily leave my job in Philadelphia for 3 months and take care of her in her home in Wisconsin, thanks to a new program created by President Bill Clinton, the Family Leave Act.

Before she died, she told me that she knew this type of cancer would soon be a thing of the past, and that so many more women were surviving now than they were ten years ago. Ten years from now, she told me, every woman diagnosed could survive.

Sadly, a lot has changed in those ten plus years. Her experimental treatment, which involved stem cell therapy, is no longer available. My friend, a research scientist at The University of Pennsylvania, told me we were only a few short years away from curing diseases such as MS, his specialty, with the same treatment therapy. But President Bush, for mere political reasons only, closed the stem cell therapy lines available to today’s top research scientists, working on cures for diseases like cancer, MS, lupus, and MD. But that’s not all.

Thanks to American politics, health care for women is in danger in a number of ways.

The pink ribbons and balloons, the 5K walk-runs, the pink gloves worn by football players on Sunday afternoons are an important way to bring attention to this issue. But unless we elect political representatives who will speak and vote and pass legislation that will IMPROVE the health of ALL women in America (other countries are far more advanced in this area than the U.S. is), we will continue to lose our greatest American resource, our moms. Where can we hope to be ten years from today?

Thanks for joining me today.

Live your life in color.



8 thoughts on “Colour Q #313

  1. Linda Gibb says:

    I’m sorry for your loss. I lost my younger & only sister to stage 4 breast cancer 20 yrs. ago. Then I got stage 1, but a very invasive type five yrs. later. Thank heavens for new chemo I’m still here 15 yrs after. I’ll be on chemo in a pill form the rest of my life if I want to stay cancer free.
    Breast cancer is very bad in my maternal side of family.
    I make a breast cancer awareness card every October. & dedicate it to my sister Sarah.
    Thanks for bringing awareness. I’ve already bought my dies for next yrs card.

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  2. Daisies Girl says:

    WOW – thank you for that heartfelt message – sometimes Politicians are so DUMB!!! Thank you for raising my awareness of this – not breast cancer but of the issues with the lack of support to research!! Your card touched my heart and the way you used these colors created a stunning visual and such a soothing, touching scene with that beautiful thought!!! I am sorry you lost your mom all those years ago – you are amazing!!

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