Rainy Day Project File Tabs


Hi everyone! Today I’m sharing a project I made the other day during two days of heavy rain and dark clouds! I call it my “Rainy Day Project.”


I just picked up a brand new file folder box that I use to store all of my inspiration photos in. My old file folder was really beat! I had it since college and used it to store academic articles I needed for my graduate thesis. I love this new box! I got it at a great price, but looked in a number of stores to find some file folder tabs. Most of them were already pre-printed with labels like “mortgage,” or “utilities” or ABC, DEF, or 1-5, etc, labels I didn’t need. So I decided I would create my own.


This particular file folder box had unusual tab cut outs too. I had to figure out how and where I would add the labels I wanted.


I printed out the labels in colorful rectangles in the categories of inspiration that I use most, in a classic rainbow pattern, on a sheet of white cardstock.


Each label will be cut out and added to the file box in opposite directions, so it actually took a lot of color coordinating and planning to make sure it would work.


Once all the colors and labels were correct, I carefully lined up and centered each label against my Poppystamps die, Wide Paint Stroke, taped them down with a little blue tape, and cut them all out.


They looked great! My idea was a success!


I carefully glued each label into the file folder box and voila! I have a custom inspiration folder just for me!


Now I can update and recycle some of my old pictures and ideas, and still have plenty of room for all the great new inspiration I find every day!

Thanks for joining me today!

Live your life in color!



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