Paper Sweeties Plan Your Life Series – September 2016


Hello Everyone!

Welcome to the Paper Sweeties Plan Your Life Series Release! Today, we are sharing our September Planner inspiration!


September has always been about autumn colors, falling leaves, and the fall harvest! Our new Fall Sentiments are perfect for your favorite fall creations!
I started with a supersize workable planner I made myself with a ruler and lightweight newsprint paper. Your local newspaper publisher usually has free newsprint available to the public if you ask for it, called ENDROLLS that come in a heavy cardboard roll, like giant paper towels.
The endrolls make great calendars, but tend to bleed a little bit when using copic markers, like I did to color the pumpkins, leaves, and flowers. I used Paper Sweeties stamps from our new Planner Series: Fall Sentiments, Thankful, and Happy Icons. To make the birch tree, I used Sweet Cuts Window Add On – Elements, and drew tiny black birch lines with a black sharpie. Tiny pumpkins are the perfect marker for tons of posts I haven’t quite filled in yet, although I know they are coming!
Live your life in color!


3 thoughts on “Paper Sweeties Plan Your Life Series – September 2016

  1. Aaron says:

    The kitties love the big calendar. Max can list his days for grass chewing, Omar can say where he will chew on plastic, Fuzzle will decide which will be treatie days, and Felix will pick his meowing days!

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