Sugar Pea Designs Mix it Up Challenge #16 SPDMIU16


Hello Everyone!

Today I am playing over on the Sugar Pea Designs Mix it Up Challenge #16, with this bright bouquet! You can get all the details and play along too right here:


I fell in love with these gorgeous pink balloons! They remind me of my bridal shower. I had each one of my guests write their best piece of marriage advice on a little slip of paper and attach it to a pink helium balloon. Everyone read their slips out loud, and then all at once, we released all the balloons into the air! I most remember one piece of advice from my friend Carol, who is still married. She read, “Never forget all the reasons you said yes.” After almost ten terrific years, I give myself that advice every now and then too!

I was inspired by the pink balloons, and the sketch a little bit. I have this unusual sheet of pinky pink paper that is so bright it almost makes my lips pucker! This should be some kind of citrus fruit! So I used it to make a bright card, letting the hollyhocks in the jar mimic the bright pink balloons on the strings. I also used the Stitched Flags die from Sugar Pea!


Here are my balloon wishes, floating off into the future!


Live your life in color!




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