The Hop to Stop


Hello Everybody!

Today I am joining in on a very special hop, The Hop to Stop! The Hop to Stop unites papercrafters to raise awareness for victims of domestic violence. All you have to do to join in is create a card that features purple, and link it up over at the Damsel of Distressed Cards blog, right here:



The numbers on domestic violence are staggering, but even more so are the attitudes that too many people hold about domestic violence. They actually believe that it’s not so bad, or it’s just a joke, or that it’s a family matter, or that the victims are mistaken. We see celebrities and sports figures who commit domestic violence receive only a slap on the wrist. We see public figures, who should be the role models for our communities, along with their supporters, dismiss sexual assault because it happened a long time ago, or it was only a joke, or it’s only a tactic the media is using to confuse us.

What does that message send to our children, our girls and boys who will grow up and enter relationships as adults? When we dismiss the behavior of young men as “boys will be boys” then how can we possibly teach them what it means to be a good man, or a good husband, or a good father? We must all work to change the attitudes of the people who believe that domestic violence is okay.

So I created this “Believe” card with the beautiful purple flamingo. We must also do what we can to make all girls and boys believe that they are special, unique, and deserve love and respect. They deserve safe homes and open arms that will hug them, not abuse them. We must also believe that we all have the strength deep down within ourselves to end the cycle of fear and abuse. We must believe that we are all beautiful, and that one day we will fly.


Thanks for joining me today!

Live your life in color!



11 thoughts on “The Hop to Stop

  1. fitkitty1 says:

    This is awesome, Michele! I love the idea of a purple flamingo and the believe sentiment! Anything is possible! Great message! I want to thank you for supporting domestic violence awareness by joining the hop. It’s a very important and personal issue for me and I appreciate you shining a light on this dark subject.

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  2. Lisa Bzibziak says:

    oh my gosh this is awesome!! Love those purple stitched squares… and the design is perfect with that white sentiment popping off of it! And thank you so much for the yummy coffee M&M’s and gift card from the Coffee Hop! I retrieved it from my mailbox and it went right to work with me and I opened it there and I keep meaning to either bring them home (too late for that… I’m eating them there) or take a pic so I can properly thank you…lol… but so far no luck so I wanted to at least thank you here… so… THANK YOU!!!

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