Paper Sweeties Plan Your Life Series – November 2016!


Hello Everyone!

November has always been about Thanksgiving! Growing up in Wisconsin, Thanksgiving was always a big family affair! While my Grandma and aunts scurried around the kitchen, my siblings, cousins, and I would race around the house like crazed squirrels! Inside, outside, up and down the stairs, hopped up on my Grandma’s homemade popcorn balls and tiny chocolates she and Grandpa would make out of thin plastic molds. My Grandma just turned 100 years old, and doesn’t make popcorn balls anymore, and my cousins now have grandkids of their own! But those warm memories of snowy November Thanksgivings will always be in my heart.


This month, my giant newsprint calendar has a snowy Thanksgiving theme. I used color-coded tiny paper flags that I created from the Mason Jar label to keep all of my crafty projects organized by team.


I originally wanted to fill the calendar with a lot more cousins, but as usual, there’s always trouble with that odd cousin or two! I had a really hard time with my copics today and they were smeary. So I just added a few, Abigail, Sophie, Emma, and of course, Jake, outside in his snow fort in his Grandpa’s old Green Bay Packers cap.


The large calendar plan gives me a lot of room to create cute Paper Sweeties scenes, but the Planner Series stamps are perfect for your small weekly planners too!

Take a look at what the Planner Team has created for you today!

Debbie Marcinkiewicz– Paper Sweeties

Jeri Thomas

Nancy Salkeld

There’s so much going on over at Paper Sweeties that you won’t want to miss a thing! Take a look at the Paper Sweeties blog right here:

Thanks so much for joining me today!

Live your life in color!



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