Gingerbread Ville


Hello Everyone!

It’s gingerbread season! Growing up, the only time we ever saw gingerbread was when it part of a house: dry, hard, covered in frosting mortar, stuck with stale candy. We never made it or ate it, and it ranked up there with fruitcake! Until we moved down South and attended Mr. Crimson Owl’s holiday office party, I never even knew gingerbread could be soft, chewy, and delicious! Mr. Crimson Owl’s former co-worker now has a home bakery business, and we make sure to order her gingerbread every year! This year, I was inspired to make a cute little gingerbread scene from the Inspired by All the Little Things #37 challenge. You can get all the details and play along right here:


I love how pretty the gingerbread cookies look in the photo! But I thought “outside the jar” and created a little winter scene made out of gingerbread! I wanted the scene to look flat like cookies, stuck in the snow with a little bit of frosting!


Thank you so much for joining me today!

Live your life in color, today, during the holidays, and all year long!



6 thoughts on “Gingerbread Ville

  1. Michele, I’m completely smitten with your “adaptation’ of a gingerbread scene! All the details – from the houses to the wee cars, to the forest, to the sweet snowman – AND the icing, are sheer brilliance! Charming in every way! How wonderful that your husband’s co-worker has a home bakery; I can imagine her products are fantastic!

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  2. Christi Conley says:

    Oh that looks SO yummy!! I LOVE gingerbread – and your card has made me crave some more (I just ate an 8″ x 8″ pan of it in 2 days – tee hee). Love that you made the “frosting” look real 🙂 Happy Holidays!!

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