The Gossip Column No. 6: Marble


Hello Everyone!

I am so glad you could join me today! Today I am sharing a card I created for the challenge from the Gossip Column, No. 6, Marble, sponsored by Winnie and Walter. I love reading the Gossip Column, because it is so well-written and I always learn something new! This month, the theme is marble, and I couldn’t be more thrilled! I absolutely love marble! Would you believe that I collect tiny rocks, gems, and stones from my travels all over the world, including natural marble? On my bucket list is pure white marble from Italy, along with some white marble from the Dolomite mountain range. I also read a lot about rocks and minerals and even take classes too! last year, I took a class on Roman Architecture from Yale University, and we discussed in great detail early Roman Empire marble and its significance. So, this month’s Gossip Column was right up my marble alley!


Taheerah had challenged us to create a card inspired by marble, and there are a number of ways you can do that. You can read all about Taheerah’s technique and her designs over on the Winnie and Walter blog right here:

I decided to try to create my own marble paper with nail polish, a technique I had NEVER even tried before. I thought it would be a disaster, but I was wrong! Look at the “marble” papers I created!


The technique was really fun, and got a little easier every time I tried another color combination. I can’t wait to stock up on some cheap nail polish to make some more.

In early Roman architecture, expensive marble, along with other rocks and minerals like lapis lazuli from Egypt, or purple agates from Northern Africa, were used in home decor. The early Romans were surprisingly structured in their design. They liked to use long strips or blocks of color to decorate walls, and often used marble or stone tile pieces like an inlay. In later centuries, the inlay marble and tile work gave way to more opulent painted murals of well-known Roman conquests, and of course, styles and designs copied from the Greeks.

I shall be using more of the “marble” papers I created to make more Roman inspired cards that feature some structured designs and color blocks. For today’s card, however, I used one bright pattern piece for the background, and another lighter pink piece for my golden Roman mosaic heart.


Thank you so much for joining me today!

Live your life in color!



5 thoughts on “The Gossip Column No. 6: Marble

  1. Wowzers!! What a stunningly awesome card! Gorgeous background using marbling, Michele!! Loving all the combinations that you’ve created .. the one on the top right looks chocolate-y!! 😀 And your card too is so fantastic..loving your design and the all gold!

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  2. I grinned reading this blog post – the challenge was pretty much made for you! Love all your nail polish backgrounds, and the final card is so fun and eclectic! Thanks for spreading The Gossip on w&w’s The Gossip Column!

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