Hello Spring!

Hello Everybody!

Spring has arrived, and with it comes a new hope and a new beginning! Some of you may have noticed that I haven’t been posting much this past month, and you are right! We made a big move from Alabama to Florida, so right now, our spring feels like a warm summer! I guess we’ll finally see first hand what a Florida summer is really like!

Our big move turned into a real adventure! We are scrambling to make things work, but when I say we’re ready for a new beginning, we are REALLY ready for a new beginning!

If you’d like to read about what happened to us, you can fund our story on the Go Fund Me page under ‘We Hendersons need a hand, please.”  Or try our link right here:  https://www.gofundme.com/heyitsthehendersons

Please share our campaign and our link if you can! We would be so thrilled! I would also like to thank the group of crafty superheroes who have contributed to our campaign so far, and shared it with others who also contributed! It really does work, and the donations we have received so far are really going a long way. I am amazed at the number of contributors who are all active artists and bloggers! Our crafty community is very special in so many ways! We are still trying to pick up the pieces from this curveball that came zooming our way, and are not quite out of the woods yet, but we will be, thanks to AMAZING people like all of you!

Crimson Owl Creations has a new address and a new email too! You can send me an email directly at crimsonowl@comcast.net, friend me on Facebook, or PM for my snail mail address here in the the beautiful state of Florida.

Thanks so much for going us today!

Live your life in color!


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