Warm Wishes for Fusion


Hello Everyone!

Today I am sharing a card I created for the first challenge of 2017 for Fusion! You can use the sketch or the photo for inspiration, or fuse them both together for something new. Get all the details and play along over at the Fusion blog right here: http://fusioncardchallenge.blogspot.com/2017/01/fusion-3rd-anniversary.html


This is a gorgeous winter scene! When I first saw it, I had just come home from celebrating Christmas in Wisconsin with my family, and the American deep South had just experienced it’s first Snow Apocalypse of 2017! I was in a pretty winter place. A soft layer of powdery snow had blanketed the forest for almost two days!

The very next weekend, it was 78 degrees, Mr. Crimson Owl and I were in shorts and flip flops getting the Jeep washed and packing up the last of the Christmas lights. A pretty winter place was the furthest thing from my mind!


But I just HAD to play along with Fusion and wish them a very Happy 3rd Anniversary too! I drew my inspiration mostly from the colors and the elements in the photo, such as the trees and the little leaves. I had this unusual textured paper in my stash that seemed to fit too.

This photo reminds me of the wonderful week I spent covered in a blanket of snow, which is about as much snow as I’d like. Happy Anniversary, Fusion, and warm wishes for 2017!

Thanks for joining me today!

Live your life in color!




7 thoughts on “Warm Wishes for Fusion

  1. cmayne says:

    Michele, you’ve taken my breath away with the gorgeous wintry scene you’ve designed, filled with lovely trees and a sweet fox! The colours, the dimension, the images….crimson creative in every way! WOW! So thrilled you shared your artistry in the FUSION Anniversary challenge. Your description of winter one day, summer the next, is marvelous. We’re in the midst of a ‘chinook’ here in my part of Alberta; the temperatures are on the rise (for now), but the wind…oh my! Wind warnings all over the place. Still, I’m fine with seeing the snow melt….

    Liked by 1 person

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